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Baryn Futa details the social impact of the arts

May 26, 2020
Baryn Futa has long been a dedicated and vocal arts benefactor and supporter. He’s provided funding to struggling artists, donated to museums with exhibitions required increased attention and shared his love and passion for the field with others. But now Futa is striving to detail the social impact that the arts has on community with hopes that cities everywhere will notice how critical artistic endeavors can be toward engagement and success.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have looked into this same topic as Futa. In their research, they discovered that higher civic engagement often goes hand in hand with an increased concentration of the arts in a community. The arts also help create more social cohesion in a city as well as attribute to an area’s poverty rates (which are typically lower) and child welfare (frequently higher). Baryn Futa has long understood the immense positive impact that the arts can have on kids, families and an entire community. The research from UPenn indicates the same, solidifying ideas that vibrant and active arts activities can improve an entire environment and the climate in which children are raised. Arts can lead to sweeping positive changes and better communities for residents of all ages.